About Me

I’m not one for a lot of words so typing things about myself is a bit strange.

I am originally from Southern California. I moved to Wisconsin in the spring of 2008. I had already been tattooing for five years before moving here for a calmer life. Since moving here I have worked at several shops as well as owning the now closed Milwaukee Ink. I was also an artist that competed on the tv show INKMASTER season 4. I have finally realized that I work best alone and am able to concentrate and give my best to my clients in a private studio.

I love tattooing all styles. I feel that it keeps me on my toes and in demand with my clients. I am an honest tattoo artist that will let you know what can and cant be done by me as well as what I may feel is a good idea as far as an image that will last over time. I will close my books from time to time just so that I don’t get too far booked out and am able to set aside time for my family.

Please be patient when deciding to book with me. I am a solo artist, I do everything on my own and don’t have a staff that helps me with customers. Booking with me will require you to text my work cell phone 414-322-6057. Please send me your information as well as your ideas in image and word form. I will also need to see photos of the area you want tattooed. The more information the better. I don’t just come up with drawings that I want you to choose from. Being blessed with the clients I have keeps me really busy with drawings and tattoos, so I will ask you again to be patient with me as I get back to requests as soon as I can.

Thank You
Jim Francis